Von Caroline Roblitschka

„Martial Arts in a Cultural Perspective: China and the West – And how to enhance the Popularization of Wushu in the Western World“. With the following summarized results of the doctoral research of Caroline Roblitschka, we will just give some food for thought to discuss Wushu among Wushu practitioners all over the world.


Subject of the research

First, to talk about Martial Arts and their diversity we have to try to expose the different developments of Chinese and Western martial arts from an anthropological point of view and from the perspective of a comparison between the Chinese and the Western cultures.

Second, we have to try to seize on important aspects that have to be considered to enhance the popularization of Chinese Wushu in the West. The discussion of this subject is mainly based on the result of an extensive survey among Westerners (mostly Europeans) – practitioners and non-practitioners of Wushu.

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